Brian has been fly-fishing since age 8. He shocked me at age 12 when we
began the season together and he requested before we left the car “Dad, I know you want to help me when we fish together, but this year can you
leave me alone. I’ve been listening all these years and I know what to do.”
Well we arrived at the river and I sat on the bank to fulfill my promise and
was thrilled to watch this kid throw amazing casts and perfect line mends.
About the third of fourth cast I heard the excited shout of “FISH ON”!
Brian is very good with younger anglers and total novices. He guided several Carp trips this summer and put noobie fisherman on some nice Carp. Some of his favorite waters are the smaller streams for Brook Trout and summer dry fly fishing! 

Brian T. Rohde

I have been fly-fishing since age six. I began with a wonderful outdoorsman, my Brother-in-law Bob Loud. Bob took me to the Housatonic River in
Northern Connecticut and patiently taught me the secrets of his artistry.
From Nymph fishing to streamers and dry flies, I cherished my hours on the river with him. When others would never dream of allowing a “young kid” to go on men’s outings, Bob always included me on great adventures. Atlantic Salmon in upper Maine, Striped Bass in Long Island Sound, week long canoe trips in the Allagash Wilderness of Maine to name just a few of our wonderful adventures.

I got my Coast Guard Captain’s License in Maine at the age of 15 and guided for Striped Bass, Flounder and Bluefish of the coast of Southern Maine from my 17’ Boston Whaler. (*pictures) My wife and I moved to Durango Colorado in 1983 and I was blessed to guide for Duranglers Fly Shop for three years in the waters around Southwest Colorado and New Mexico including The Animas River and the
famous San Juan River. We moved to Denver in 1986 and in 1988 I began The Artful Angler, which marketed to the executives of some of Denver’s biggest corporations like Martin Marietta, Purina and Gates Rubber to name just a few. As these executives would come to Denver for meetings, I would fill their weekends with Gold Medal River adventures in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. One of many remarkable memories was with Purina executive Gary Hazen on the Bighorn River in Fort Smith Montana. Gary was a novice fly- fisherman and I had shared with him the thrill of catching BIG fish on tiny #22/#24 nymphs. Our last day on the river, we were fishing a gorgeous run and Gary hooked into a “nice fish” so I went to get the net and came back to assist him. When I saw the size of the Brown Trout he had hooked into, I became extremely nervous as I didn’t want to screw up the net job and loose this once in a lifetime trophy. We landed the 27” Brown and took pictures and made a wonderful release of this beautiful fish. I took Gary’s fly and clipped it off his line and stuck it in my hat and replaced it with another. Months later I had a custom shadowbox made with a huge blown-up picture of Gary’s trophy and in the corner was his #22 Pheasant Tail nymph in a decorative piece of cork. I remember going to see Gary at his executive office and prominently behind his desk was this treasure of our memories together. I’ve fished all over the world from Alaska to Australia and New Zealand, Mexico, Hawaii and Africa. My current “bucket list” is Yellow Dorado in Bolivia, Peacock Bass in Brazil and Steelhead in the Northwest and Sharks on a fly off both US coasts to name only a few.

The thrill of guiding is the life-long friends you make and continue to share
trips with every year.

Thomas D. Rohde


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